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Visit Aqueduct Park and Catacombs of Rome               3 hours

Try now our tour service with expert driver.
We offer a private tour with expert Italian driver at your service car or minibus.
The cars are equipped with permission access to areas ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) will allow access of Visit Aqueduct Park and Catacombs of Rome, without worrying about traffic and parking. A driver will pick you up at the address indicated by your, Hotel, Bed & Breakfast and Apartments.

Catacombs of Rome are: San Callisto, Santa Domitilla and San Sebastian.
All three are in the area of Appia Antica. The visit takes place with the tour of one of these 3 catacombs your choice.
Legend has it that the catacombs were used by Christians as a refuge during the persecutions, in reality the catacombs began as burial sites and shrines of the martyrs and later became centers of pilgrimage for Christians from every part of the empire. Today these long underground passages are popular because they are rich in sculptures, frescoes and inscriptions testify to the customs and traditions of the early Church. Where with local guide you will have an extraordinary experience.

The tour continues to the ancient Appian Way, Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella and Aqueduct Park to admire the highest in Roman hydraulic engineering that forms the background to continuous succession of historical, cultural, artistic.

Departure from Rome, address indicated by you.


Aqueduct Park and Catacombs of Rome (3 Hours)

From 1 to 3 people 160.00 Euro
From 4 to 5 people 192.00 Euro
From 6 to 8 people 240.00 Euro

Prices are all inclusive, for tour, not for person.
Are not included in any price tickets to museums and attractions.

Tour Aqueduct Park and Catacombs of Rome
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